Marilyn Monroe, Under the Veil; Autism, Numerology & Norma Jeane PAPERBACK PRINT EDITION (STANDARD COPY)

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How well do you know Marilyn Monroe?

The Goddess, the Idol, the Icon.
These are Marilyn’s best known labels.
Bipolar. Borderline. Dyslexia. Disfluency.
These are Marilyn’s lesser known labels.
Autism. The lightly-rumored, rarely discussed label some speculate may also belong to this complicated, comic genius.

Astrologists know Marilyn as the ultimate Gemini. The woman with two faces; Marilyn & Norma Jeane. Numerologists know Marilyn as the quintessential 7 – the number of the eccentric intellectual. Marilyn Monroe, Under the Veil tells the story of Marilyn’s hidden personality as you are taken Under the Veil of this complex persona whose mysteries continue to reveal themselves decades after her untimely passing.

Under the Veil
examines the effect that Marilyn’s labels had on her delicate demeanor, whether they saved her or plagued her, and whether or not labels are needed at all, in this unique insight into Marilyn Monroe; Autism, Numerology & Norma Jeane.


This edition is available for preorder from 27th September 2017 ahead of launch on 1st December 2017.

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